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Champion Merino Ewes



  • 1 x Supreme Champion Ewe

  • 1 x Supreme Champion Fleece

  • 1 x Reserve Champion Fleece

  • 3 x Grand Champion Fine Wool Ewe

  • 3 x Grand Champion  Pair of Fine Wool Ewes with our ewe Hope by her side

  • 2 x Grand Champion Fine Wool Fleece

Sunflower was shown in California, Michigan, and North Carolina during the 2021 show season, and achieved more than we ever dreamed possible! 


Sunflower is the cumulation of a 10 year Merino sheep breeding project by an amazing FFA/4h'er in California who showed Sunflower as her final project before coming to our Indiana home. We are humbled and blessed to have her, and often stand in awe that she is really here at all. 

Sunflower is a once in a lifetime ewe with fantastic conformation and fleece quality. She has an inquisitive personality and is always curious to see what is going on. She is the first to stick her nose out of the pen at a show, and spectators have said "she is so friendly, she would let me rub on her all day" In the pasture, she follows the other sheep's  lead, is more submissive, and will let all the other sheep take the spotlight...and all the pets!

Sunflower due in 2022



  • 3 x Grand Champion Pair of Fine Wool Ewes with our ewe Sunflower by her side

  • 3x Reserve Grand Champion Fine Wool Ewe

  • 2 x Reserve Grand Champion Fine Wool Fleece

 Hope was shown at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in 2020, Michigan Fiber Festival, and Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in North Carolina during the 2021 show season. 

Hope is not only a fantastic representation of the Merino breed, but has an amazing personality as well. She is always the first to greet you in the barn or the field, and will love you forever if you pet her nose. She is the type of sheep that would like nothing better than to be by your side, and if she sees you with a halter in your hand, she will be at the gate waiting to come out and play. 

Hope Lambed 2/2/22!

Hope was bred to Job in 2021, and had two ewe lambs who we are retaining on the farm to show for the 2022 season.