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Welcome to the Farm
              About Us

Who We Are

Amanda Sadowski is a Certified Wool Classer, Licensed Judge for the Pygora Breeders Association (PBA), Chair of the Fiber Committee for the PBA, Award Winning Hand spinner, Level 1 Master Spinner, Clinical Research Coordinator, Statistician, and Instructor. She has been instrumental in advancing the Pygora breed through her research efforts on fiber quality, production, and management which helped her obtain the first Permanent Grand Champion Pygora Buck and Doe for fleece in the history of the breed. 





How We Began

Amanda has been a fiber artist for the majority of her life, but it wasn't until she was in a bad car accident and told she would never walk again, that she was led to raise Angora rabbits, Pygora goats, and Merino sheep with her family on their farm in Northwest, Indiana. Her experience  in raising, processing by hand, blending, spinning, and creating products has given her a unique perspective on what is desirable in a fleece, what preparation is best for specific types of yarn, and their intended end-use. Her experiences with teaching, mentoring, and judging gives her the greatest joy which is not only to impart knowledge, but to kindle enthusiasm in fiber animals, fiber production, and fiber arts.

*By the Grace of God, Amanda is walking again today

What We Do

We pride ourselves in producing beautiful luxury fiber from our award winning stock for the discerning fiber artisan, while bettering the breed by breeding for outstanding fiber production without sacrificing body quality. Every step of the process from raising, caring, and creating products is a labor of love directly from our Indiana farm to your hands, and is Homegrown by Hero's.